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15. Prison Glossary

John gave me an idea for a prison glossary.  I think this is an excellent idea.  One of my favorite things about prison, about the world in general, is slang.  I just can't blow my wad at once, so to speak.  John suggested adding just a couple per entry.  So here goes.

Jacking rack - v. - Anything that can cause you to fuck up the good thing you have going. i.e. parole, being at a good joint, etc.  Example, ". . .I know he only got me for one soup, I should just let it go but I swear to God if he even talks to me I'll jack rack beating the brakes off that cat."
I'm not sure on the etymology of the word, but I'd assume it would be pertaining to jacking off your rack, just like out on the streets if you did something stupid you'd say, "I really jacked that off."  Or maybe you wouldn't, depending on how classy you is.  The "rack" would pertain to the thing you perceive as valuable.  Your "rack" is your bed.

Beating the Brakes Off - phrase - This is a term used when describing how bad you're going to kick the shit out of someone.  I have no idea what it really means but I love this one.  I use it all the time even on the streets. Maybe it has to do with how hard you have to beat old drum brakes to get them to break loose.

Press Your Bunk - phrase - Something you would direct the person that your are going to beat the brakes off of to do.  You're essentially telling him to go lay down somewhere and shut up.  Example, "You better press your bunk before I come over there and beat the brakes off you."  Usually followed with "bitch ass" and a cool walk-away walk.


  1. I want to see your cool walk-away walk one day (but not followed by bitch ass).

  2. It's not "Jacking Rack." It's "jackin' rec" -- like recreation (i.e."jacking off our recreation/yard time").

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  4. Wow whoever wrote this is a total homo

  5. You’re jacking rack (really means jacking (stealing or fucking up ) rec (the rec yard) example: scoring drugs but getting fake/garbage dope you would say -> (“man I got jacked, I got bunked, I got ripped off!”) Soooooo jacked up rec -means LOSE your rec time - And it’s usually because somebody fights and the whole yard gets locked down or pod gets locked or just you ect... NOW 👏🏼 when you’re talking about beating the breaks off someone for whatever reason and you’re CLOSE to getting out you MIGHT say “I know that cat only gave me one ramen, but he owes me 3..BUT, I’m gonna choose NOT to beat the brakes off him because he knows I get out this month and he’s trying to jack my time!” (stealing someone’s time is something a punk jealous bitch would do because they know you’re getting out and they want to fuck you over so you’re forced to stay beyond your outdate they will agitate you into a fight so you will cop a new charge and won’t get out when your due date hits) that’s jacking someone’s time or stealing someone’s time...

  6. Additionally you can lose your group rec time by Getting a disciplinary action or a write up - You don’t have to have a riot to jack your rec - and if you go to Ad seg or administrative segregation (lockdown) you MAY still have rec time it’s just Dolo ( solo)